The Sanet Vision Integrator (SVI)

Using a 50” HD TV and interactive touch screen, The Sanet Vision Integrator (SVI) is a multi-sensory system incorporating eye hand coordination with cognitive processing and balance tracking to help improve these abilities and promote mental acuity.

The key features that make this “all in one” instrument so useful are the variety of programs and many ways that these abilities may be enhanced. The programmable instrument incorporates features of a saccadic trainer, virtual rotator, tachistoscope and programmable metronome. The SVI instrument actually “speaks”, instructing the user to respond to verbal commands, improving auditory-visual integration and visual memory.

SVI can be used to help enhance the following visual abilities: Pursuits, Saccades, Fixation Stability, Eye-hand Coordination, Visual Reaction Time, Speed and Span of Recognition, Automaticity, and Contrast Sensitivity, plus Visual and Auditory Sequencing and Visual Memory.

SVI incorporates a Balance Board allowing a Balance Component to be added to all procedures.


Adjustable stand
accommodates for
individuals of
differing heights.

SVI Features
Explore some of the unique features and benefits of the SVI system

Five Categories
Each category features several specific activities.

Selectable Modalities
Provides immediate feedback using both auditory and visual stimuli.

Selectable Parameters
Allows you to quickly modify the visual demands.

Touch Activated Rotator
Several visual abilities addressed in the Rotator program.

Programmable Metronome
Provides immediate feedback using both auditory and visual stimuli.

Stimuli includes numbers,
letters and words.

Numbers / Letters / Word Saccades

Enhance skills in saccadic accuracy and help enhance automaticity.

Visual Motor Expansion Module
Several visual abilities are addressed.

New Graphing Feature
Allows you to track and document results over time.

Charts Expansion Module
Provides several programmable chart targets.

Measure and address Eye-Hand Coordination & Visual Reaction Timing.